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I Will Show You How to Start Making N100,000 Every Month With Your Facebook And Whatsapp Account, Or I Compensate You With the Sum of N20,000!

You’ll Learn the strategies top Mini Importers used and made 500k in a week with this simple but uncommon business…..

you don’t need to be a guru to do this. As long as you can operate an Android phone you’re good to go.


The Big Question is…. Will You Be Part Of This?

PLEASE NOTE: This is Not MLM, Money doubling, Ponzi  scheme etc…

 If you are looking for where to put #1k to make #10k , this is not for you.

 This is strictly for those who wants a Profitable Lasting Mini Importation System.

If You are eager to learn a Viable and Globally Recognized Business, you can start… and make as much money as you want before mid year.



This Offer Closes:


once the slots we have against each of the offers goes away.



Dear friend,

I am Mr Moses, an internet marketer, ecommerce expert and Egnr by nija certificate... Lols.

I’m super excited to have you here.

Oh my God! I can’t believe I have never meet you in my entire 20+ years in planet earth… Lol.

Actually on several occations poverty has dealt with me in ways I couldn’t comprehend.
It was at this point that my five senses started working properly.  Hahahahaha!



Back to business joor



You see, I designed this website and put up some advert on Facebook so I could get you in here and it worked!

I’ll be teaching you how to use the same method to make money…

I need you to read every line of this post

Yes it’s that important!



One question I get asked a million times (asides being asked “Have you eaten?”) is…

“How do you do it,”

Today I want to talk to you about the real secret of this business.



It is having a unique understanding and realization that:

Every DIME in your pocket today belongs to someone else…

From the Coca-Cola company, to the beer factory…

To your kid’s school…to your evil landlord

To the feckin Nigerian Police!

This leads us to the question:

Who is paying you?



My goodness!…if everybody is taking your money, and you are only taking money from your stingy employer…



Then you are the one shooting yourself in the leg.

And if this understanding can sink into your thick skull, then you will flow with me.

At the end of the day, you…me…WE all are where we want to be in life.



It contains EVERYTHING you need to start making money online asap.

No matter where you are 
right now,

This would help you. (Unless of course,
you’ve accepted your fate).



So, I am going to be showing/teaching you How I made much money using just Facebook Ads, Facebook Page and a tiny mini e-commerce website. It’s so simple!



I will show you proofs that this stuff actually works live and direct and I am damn sure that even as you’re reading this I am making money.

Basically, this business is not for lazy and timid minds… If you ain’t ready to go hard with calculated risk then you can as well exit, Shalom!



Alright, that will be all for now… 




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Discover Simple Steps To Make Money Online Without Stress /Special Skill.
You can start with as little as 10-20k


The beauty of this business is that, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your room to do this. And if you have a regular 8-5 job, it doesn't stop you from doing this business and making cool moneyAnother thing is that you don't have to be "techy" or be a computer "guru" to start, everything is done on WhatsApp!

Get ready to rain in money!… And I MEAN Cool Money!! 

  1. Whenever importation is mentioned, a lot of people starts imagining  tons of containers in Seaports. Out of ignorance they think it’s only  big companies and rich people in our society that could import.

yes it’s true but that was 19th century!!

In reality, the game has changed, Indeed am delighted to share my wide range of knowledge as regards to this business with  you all.


Truth be told, it’s all exciting, in no distant time,  you’ll probably smile to your bank as many other students did. The good thing is you can do everything from the comfort of your home

What you are about to learn here will open your eyes in so many ways you can succeed in this tough nation by simply importing goods to Nigeria……


This is  one among many businesses that you can consistently earn 500,000 – 1,000,000 Naira a week with little Investment Capital and with Virtually Very Little Risk. 

Only for those who hate poverty with passion!!


— Mini Importation requires dedication knowledge of product, intensive market research and deep insights into the niche you choose to go into, so you can source hot selling products that are actually profitable.


About 87% of Mini Importers often miss this rule more so even when they get the right product they lack basic marketing techniques.

Importation do’s And Don’ts

  1. do not import what you love import what your customers love
  2. Avoid copying others as those products are already highly competitive
  3. As a beginner, avoid importing through Alibaba And Aliexpress except products with free shipping.
  4.  Avoid shipment companies like DHL China post etc, they’ll eat deep into your profit.
  5.  For startups, avoid importing goods with bulky weight.
  6.  find hot selling products with high profit margin
  7. .Ensure you’re selling through a sales funnel

What You'll Learn

1. You’ll learn how to buy directly from china and make 100% of your investment, make extra income, buy and sell Globally  with little or no Capital.

2. I will take you through the necessary steps in understanding the business of importing from China. Especially through

3. Connect you with genuine Chinese agents and their Nigerian office address

4. You’ll learn marketing strategies for bulk selling that can put over 100k in your account every week.

5. You’ll learn how to spot good quality hot selling products to import

6. Will teach you mistakes to avoid when starting out in mini importation

7. You’ll learn Cheapest shipping agents for mini importation with good delivery records.

8. Also a free video on how to run facebook Ad through your mobile phone you don’t need laptop to do this. etc

Masterly class includes further tutorials on hot Selling products…

+ 4hr video guide step by step on mini importation and Facebook advertisement

+ one on one coaching until you successfully receive your first imported products and successfully run your first Advert

+ you’ll also be added to our academy community where you’ll meet other importers and rub minds together

We also have a question and answer group.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?


Despite giving you this training at a massive discount Promo, we also offer a Money Back Guarantee.

So, be rest assured that there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Every step of this training has been designed to shield you from Risk.

I personally Guarantee that when you get this training and Implement it correctly, you should be able to start earning at least, N100,000 every two weeks at worse.

And for your total peace of mind, if you follow my steps and processes we show you in the training and implement them correctly without earning a minimum of N100,000 within the first 4 months, I will personally refund the N5,000 you paid for the training, and I’ll also pay you a compensation fee of N5,000 for having wasted your time.

That’s just how confident that this training will positively change your life.

All you need to do is just give it a trial and see if you will not be happy with the results you’ll get.

With my Money Back Guarantee…Plus N5,000 compensation fee, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Please Note: In other to prevent abuse of our goodwill, we now have a policy that you must show you followed what we teach and actually implemented them. We’ve had instances where unscrupulous people try to play on our intelligence by downloading the training…and then turning around to ask for a refund almost immediately. I hope you’re not one of those, right?

Alright, let’s wrap it up.

How to Make Payment

To get the full training at the Promo Price of N5,000 before it expires, you can pay directly through bank deposit or bank transfer, to the account details below:

Account name:  Egbo Chinedu Moses 

Account number: 2099845210

Bank name: UBA

Cheers!! ‎

P.S. After making your payment, kindly send your name and email address to 08065861530 so that your payment can be confirmed, and the link to download the training will be sent to you right away.

PLEASE NOTE: Immediately this promo ends, the price of the training goes back to N10,000 or even more. And in addition to that, many of the bonuses and materials will No Longer be part of the training package anymore. So now is the best time to get your copy of this training and everything it comes with while you can.

P.S. If you have questions, comments or feedback, Please reach us via phone call or whatsapp with this number: 08065861530. 



We are about to teach you a complete tested and trusted online business that pays today, tomorrow, and years to come

Just #5,000 Before It Becomes
after countdown!

Trust me, the price will not remain the same after the countdown! Page will refresh soon for base price to take effect:​

Wish To Make Transfer?

Account name: Egbo Chinedu MosesAccount Number: 2099845210Bank: UBACall or whatsapp/Telegram: +2348065861530
after transfer for verification and your Tutorial Materials

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You’ll immediately be redirected to our master class on Telegram/WhatsApp. You Can Also CLICK HERE :  to forward your prove of payement on WhatsApp and You’ll be added up

Yes, use the account details below:

Account name: Egbo Chinedu Moses

Account Number: 6013624111 Bank:

Fidelity Bank

Call or whatsapp/Telegram: +2348065861530
after transfer for verification and your Tutorial Materials

Yes we’re not just teaching you how to import but also how to find hot selling products how to advertise your business using social networks (ie Facebook Advert Sponsored Posts).

Why is Bill Gates not giving his best selling books for free even though he is a billionaire?    

 Why is Dangote not giving  his product for free since he is already making billions?

Business opportunities are meant for serious minded individuals not for less privileged people.

Understand the difference between business opportunities and philanthropic works…

Reaching you through our adverts is enough  privilege, millions to billions of people are yet to see this wonderful business opportunity.

The less privileged waits for the days of philanthropy. That’s delay in destiny

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