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YOU are about to discover a simple,well structured step-by-step proven system that will dramatically accelerate your income in 17 days or less.


In a second, imagine what your life would be if YOU could be in a situation where you will never worry about money again in your life.

Keep imagining what your life would look like if YOU could be finacially able to buy whatever YOU want, whenever YOU want and however YOU want.

It takes 90 seconds to read this to the END but the effect will change your financial life in 2020

Over 300 students who are currently using this killer strategy are making
average   N50k- N300k monthly.
As funny as it may sound, 45% of them struggled to finish only secondary school

You May Be Wondering, Who's this guy making so much Claims,

My name is Mr Moses Chinedum.

Digital entrepreneur and An online business coach.


Now, Here's The MOST Important Part...

Anybody... including YOU can start using the same income generating strategy by 7.51am tomorrow morning... and start getting FASCINATING jaw dropping results.

As a matter of fact...


 Here's How The Same killler Strategy Helped A Frustrated Abakiliki Boy Source a Hot Product For N755 here in Nigeria.....sold with a profit of N5000 each And Did His First Ever N132,000 From It Within 9 Days.


The first 6 figures to  ever hit his account. 

Today He is doing pretty well and

few days ago, He beeped me up on whatsapp.

Enough of The Stories Let's Get Into Business

Mr Emeka like most people, dabbled into the business of ecommerce in early 2018.

As expected, he was making peanut... barely enough to feed and maybe club at weekends with Chinenye, his Anambra girl friend. That babe, made Emeka fall in love with clubbing.

No tangible figures.

No savings;

... but life was relatively good for the dude, who just graduated from the public adminstration  department of UNIPORT.

He had No idea of the type of hot in demand products to source for that guarantees high margin, since the known ones were sold locally in Facebook groups by hungry folks as low as N1,500.

He was truly disturbed on where to get products cheaper... as Importation and buying from the popular portals became more expensive;

    Subsequently, Emeka's profit margin dwindled... he went back to level zero;



He was later dumped and insulted by his girl friend of 2 years, when he demanded for help (trust ladies, "pls borrow me 70k" what followed was a heated argurment and a breakup) 


Desperate and hungry for change, he ran into one of our high in demand best selling  online training,

quickly he realized WHY he failed to make serious headway with all these while despite all his importation experiences.....

After sharing his frustration with us we quickly profered solutions and boom he was up and running again


Truth is There's actually a smart strategy to dig into rarely known by most ecom entrepreneurs, But in Reality you don't need to go through the stress of Importation.

You can source for hot in demand product here in Nigeria sold for few penny run well detailed targeted social media adverts using our template (we give you this for free!!)

Then sell the hell out of them before the spoon feeders get to find out.

Even if they find out, you can bet they know nothing close to the killer strategy to have loads of peeps on Facebook rave begging for your product.. at any price.

Here's what I mean... a 24 hours campaign. 


112 shares, over 1,000 likes, 701 comments... resulting to over 150 orders.

All within a short 24 hour period.

Can those gooroos beat this?

Another good thing here is these products are gotten mostly from Lagos from major importers at prices relatively cheaper than importing abroad and no need stocking products you pay them when you have orders 

so nothing like I imported 100pcs of .... and couldn't sell 

Infact in most cases they help you deliver then collect your money on your behalf

The Product Below was gotten locally for #700 each and sold #8000 each

Just a Tiny View of Numerous Orders Gotten


One Of My Recent Students, Mr. Ebuka Couldn't Contain His Excitement After Testing Out This Spanking New Strategy... That He Even Decide To Dash Me Call Credit :)

Why Are My Saying All This?

Because i understand how it feels when you are always running on insufficient fund.

Because i want you to  know that there is no excuse for poverty.

Because you can live your dream life using this business model.

I'm saying because i care about you and i am ready to guide you through this rough path provided a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle!


Generate your first #200,000 in just 30 days with this hidden secret Ecommerce expert will never tell you

We chose not to produce this in some dumb PDF format, so we’ll have all the chances to show you everything live on camera… with a voice, pictures and illustrations. 

So we went for a comprehensive home study video tutorial instead.

Therefore, no matter the time of the day you're reading this;

You can gain access immediately you make payment.


I want you to answer the following questions with integrity:

If you continue doing what you are currently doing, will you become a millioniare at 40 years?

If you need medical treatment and #200,000 is needed before they can commence treatment, Can you boldly provide that without borrowing from anyone?

Are YOU very much happy with your financial status right now?

Be honest to yourself while answering these questions.

If you have answered those questions with integrity, you will agree with me that YOU need a fully functional and proven system that will accelerate your income in just 30 days.




  Here is where I come in to help. 

Inside the income-generating video course, you will learn:

  • Step-by-step guide on how to correctly identify hot, unsaturated and ever- winning products that will pay you #200,000 monthly ( worth- #4,300).

  • You will learn how to start Ecommerce business  without having to import any products or store your products for a long time : The easiest way to begin Ecommerce with as little as #10,000 that NO expert will tell you. ( This method is kept away from the massess but secretly used by top ecommerce expert) worth-#7,000

  • How to create a highly converting facebook paid advert that will generate massive sales for you and make mind blowing  profits for you daily even if you don't have a website ( Well detailed  6 videos tutorial that will immediately turn YOU into a facebook ads expert.( worth-#15,000).

  • Access to my best tested, proven reliabe and trustworthy delivery companies that will get your products delivered to your customers anywhere, collect your money and pay into your bank account without YOU leaving your room( All the necesssary details inside) worth -# 3,400.
  • Carefully and well treated guide on how to select a highly profitable niche that will generate your first 6 figures online in the next 30days ( 7 figures ecommerce earners will never teach you this secret) worth -#4,700.
  • How to master the act of marketing and persuasion as a newbie in one week flat .(Discover the untold secret to selling all your products in 24 hours or less : 
  •  After learning this skill, you could blind your prospect mind to do what you say and do it now!!!. Over 95% of the people you meet will always tell you yes after learning this. worth-#6,000.
  • Over 11 Little known but crazily profitable products that will generate #200,000 in your first 30 days and how to get them very cheap in Nigeria.( These same product generated #163,000 for one of my students, Chukwudi, a 20 years old student from Abia state ) worth-#4,000
  • Relevant E-books to boost your skills on copy-writing, and teach you the best marketing strategies you can use to generate crazy profit.
  • The new method I use to deliver my product to my customers nationwide without leaving my room and how you can use this strategy to boost profit (your business will suck if you don't know this
  • More training on how to design an automatic chat responder that responds to your customers while you are offline


How to get Chinese Yuan at N53, instead of 59-60 as most logistics companies do charge.

Verified Yuan Exchangers that can help you pay any Chinese agent. Same day payment.

Cheapest and fastest logistic company to use when shipping from China.



When you get instant access to this income-generating video course right now, YOU will instantly get the following bonus FREE:

1. My top milestone book on Ecommerce business worth #3,000 valued information YOU can't afford to miss. (This book will save you many years of costly mistake, don't start an ecommerce business until you read this book).

2. How to make more than #200,000 pure profit from social media manager using facebook ads alone.(Master this and many big companies will pay YOU #200,000+ monthly in commission to manage their social medias .(worth-#7,000)

3. Detailed targeting and retargeting potential customers with facebook ads that will generate massive orders with ready-to-pay customers begging YOU to collect their money even if you don't have any experience or a website (Ecommerce expert don't want YOU to know this) worth-#8,000.

4. Instant access to my 3 best shipping companies that will successfully buy your products from china and ship your products down to Nigeria in 10 days or less without any loss, damage or misplacement of goods.(worth-#6,500).

5. How to set up a chatbox that automatically replies your customers while you are away( The same methods big companies like UBA use) worth -#5,000.

7. Immediate access to my one-on-one coaching and mentorship platform on telegram of  smart ecommerce expert crushing crazy profit weekly using my proven secrets. (YOU will receive a complete 3 moths mentorship and coaching to help you master the process.) worth- PRICELESS.

Total value: #64,900

Today only: #9,999

YOU save: #54,900

Here is the best news that will blow your mind.

If you get your hands on this income generating machine in the next 24 hours, you will pay just


instead of

Am I Going Crazy For Asking You to Invest This Low Amount?

No actually, my head is screwed on real tight.


The reason for asking you to pay ONLY N4,999 for a whole comprehensive video tutorial that took me days of sleepless nights putting together is because:

I just launched the course, and I thought I should allow the first 25 persons get access, before the price increases to the planned original price of N9,999

When more of their success stories starts flowing in, I'll adorn this page with them, and then shoot up the price.

You Will Have No Excuse
At the launch price of ONLY N4,999 you cannot say the course is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

You cannot say Mr Moses hates you and do not want you to benefit from this new game changer strategies.

For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it.

So there you go.

No excuses!




Still Thinking if This income generating video course Is Right For You?

           Well, here's what others who once had same thought had to say:

using the exact strategies in my video course.

Amaechi from Enugu State.

29 years old.



One of my students that never believed that He could make ANY money online.
Now, He has quitted her 9-5pm job to focus on this income -generating proven system that I revealed in the course.
According to him, He was able to generate in just 45 days what his job couldn't pay him in 6 months.

See our conversation below.

Ebuka from Abakiliki.

 33 years old.

Hear from one of my youngest female students that now sponsor herself in Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra State.
She makes #130,000+ monthly after applying my best kept strategies and proven methods.

She couldn't even accept that this is real until she gave it a trial.
Her name is Ukamaka from Anambra State.
She is 20 years old.

Here is one of my best students that just bought my course last 2 months,

3 days ago , he told me that my income-generating course was the best thing that happened to him this year.
He was overwhelmed when He started seeing fascinating results in just 9 days.

His name is Hentsow from Ogun state
He is 41 years old.

This course is my best investment for the year

I've seen behind the scene. I cant believe Mr Moses gave this much value. Grab this life changing course if you want to  dramatically accelerate and increase your income faster than you ever thought. You are totally wrong not to get this course now!. why pay higher later?


Thaddeus Ozioko


CEO, ozzdy Enterprise

Enugu State

If you have tried many online courses and it's not working for you

Try Mr. Moses

His Ecommerce Guide is Perharps the Best.

well detailed video course and life -changing indeed

try it now!!!


Chukwuebuka Ogbu

CEO, Vantage enterprise

Author and business coach

   Imo state

What Other Internet Gurus are Saying

If one of your goals is to be rich and happy someday.

Then invest in Mr Moses's income generating video course.

Editing his works were fun 

he's courses are apt, straight to the point, easy to understand and well- explained


Nnamani Paul

Online Expert

7 Figures online Earner

Anambra, Nigeria

Here’s How to Confidently Grab the income generating video course Today At The Launch Discount Price Only Available For The First 25 Persons... And Get Access to The Bonus!

Note that the launch period expires either after the timer below hits zero... or we get the first 25 persons. 

Which ever comes first! 

Then the launch price of N4,999 which you can get it fo today expires;

...and the new price of N9,999 or more automatically takes effect without the special bonus.


Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 



Pay only #4,999

to this account number.

Acct name: Egbo Chinedu Moses.

Acct No: 2099845210.

Bank : UBA.

 Step #2: After payment, send your proof of payment to 08065861530


along with your email address

or email us@


As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the  link to access the video course within 30 minutes.

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be instructed on how to get instant access to the high on demand video course

Which ever payment option you used, once your payment goes through, you  will given instant access to the training

You will enjoy this incredibly, fun, massively powerful training and gain astounding results.

And I will give you a complete 30 days money back guarrantee to prove it.

Your Satisfaction Is...


100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

If after going through the full course, and after 30 days, you do not think you can take what I showed you and make 350 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund! 

So, it shall never be said that “Mr Moses has joined all these gurus who chop peoples’ money” and run away.

NO. Never!

By now, you are probably realizing and fully convinced that this is for YOU.

So grab this income-generating course and start your road to 6- figures earner in the few weeks.

The power and all the secrets are waiting for
YOU to grab it right now!!!

Millioniare secret #1: The only way I became a real 7 figures earner online was by TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.

The same way that YOU are taking action now by clicking here to learn how to generate 6 figures online monthly.

Warning: Don't slap yourself later for not taking this irresistible offer right now!!!

Inside the program, you will discover the unrevealed fascinating secrets from millioniare that will save you 5 years of pain and finacial struggle.

Look, nothing in life happen by chance,and everything happens for a reason, which means YOU didn't stumble on this page on accident.

YOU have a burning desire inside YOU that is very deep and that led YOU to me and me to YOU.

The only reason you are not not making more money is because you are lacking knowledge on how to do so.

"YOU don't know what YOU dont know"


This is the your last chance to grab this right now at an unbelivable discount.

This offer is not available at any other time or place.

Once you have these persuasive and psychological jewels in your back pocket, people will not only beg you to buy your products and service, they will buy it quickly without objection.

This means that YOU will be able to make 10x your sales as soon as tomorrow morning when YOU take action with these persuasion and psychological techniques with your cusI know the exact psychology behind your customers buying or not buying your product or service and now I'm going to hand over the cheat codes to YOU.

Think about it! what if you knew exactly what your customer was thinking before he or she opened his or her mouth?

It's almost like taking an exam that YOU already have an answer to.

There are only two kinds of people in the world:

People who want it and

People that are committed to get it

which one are YOU?

Now, You Have a Decision to Make

To register right away and join me and few others taking advantage of these revolutionary strategies already;

… Or to close this page.

If you get access now, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your income will dramatically increase as a result.

If you decide to not join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice.

The choice is simple.

But I trust you know the right thing for you... so I look forward to you making the right choice. 

PS: In case you’re tempted to put off getting your copy right now?

Well, that’s a choice!

However, remember that once the next 25 slots are taken, two things happen;

The bonus disappear; 

And you might risk getting it at the real price of N9,999

Still reading?

Ok, you probably have a few questions. 

Here Are Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions I Receive

Question - How much capital do I need to start this business?

Answer - This is one of the most frequently asked question that usually come my way. The truth is, ecommerce business is one of the few good busines models where you set your rules. You're in charge!

In the income generating video course, we advised beginners to concentrate on the inexpensive products that cost below N1,500, with over 115% profits. Meaning, even with that your smallest amount, you can start something and scale as you go along.

Question - How do I receive the course?

Answer - To make the course near interactive, we avoided producing it in PDF... but went the extra mile of recording a video so we get the chance of showing it all. When you order, you get  instant access to the video course where you can watch and/or download the videos into your hard drive or phone... to enable you watch offline.

Question - How heavy are the video?

Answer - We understand  that people are always concerned about their data. So we tried as much as possible to make sure the videos are recorded in the smallest size ever, while ensuring that the quality remains top notch. The videos are produced in smaller bites that can easily be downloaded and consumed.

Question - Can I do the business if I reside outside Lagos or abroad?

Answer - Because of the huge demand from people living outside Lagos or abroad, we specifically dedicated a whole module to explain how you can successfully do this business from outside Lagos without hitches. In fact, we currently have about 3 of the 5 to 6 figure students profitably running their business from outside Lagos. One does his from far away canada.

Question - How do I reach you guys in case I run into hitches?

Answer - We're always accessible. Apart from the fact that you can always reach us using the contact details on this website, we have also included a specialized email inside the download area. Through this email, you should be sure we give you a first class support.

So, it's up to you... 

Click the button below, sign up and let's help you take your ecommerce business to the next level.

Sincerely yours.


Mr Paul Modesty (2ND LECTURER)

Mr John Maxwell (3RD LECTURER)

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