USB Powered- Mosquito Killer Lamp

12,000.00 8,000.00


Mosquito Trap Lamp
Equipped with LED Bionic Violet Wave that is strong enough to attract mosquitoes,
a high powered suction fan to pull them into the trap and an anti escape box for effective mosquito elimination. With widely compatible USB cable you can power up the lamp.

Can release 365NM to 395NM varied light wave to lure mosquitoes in and kill them by the built-in fan ffectively.

Mosquito bug killer lamp is noise free,

Safe for human and pets.

This device is powered by USB, so you can connect this with an adapter, power bank, computer or any device with a USB port. It is very portable and convenient for outdoor use and camping.

Direction for Use:

– Place it 0.8-1.2m on an elevated surface(table, or chair) for better effect.

– Shut doors and windows and put off lights

– Keep away from water or other liquid and use it on a dry, stable, flat and horizontal surface.

– Clean the storage box frequently to avoid blocking air inlet or outlet.

– Avoid keeping it directly in front of an air conditioner or fan.