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How My Brother Nearly Lost His Life On 21 March 2019 (9:15Pm) 

 On that faithful day Esther had called us three days earlier to inform us about her birthday party,

she was our bosom friend and we shared childhood memories so we probably couldn’t say no. 

So my younger brother Princewill and I made up our mind to attend.

Party was memorable and fun, the mild vibes from DJ Padosky sent sensational chills to our bones, I got carried away when I saw an ex school mate, and around 8:30pm my brother was on my neck…....To be frank, it was actually getting late. 

So I asked him to go home.

Four minutes later, I got a call and boom It was an accident

we arrived the scene and I was meant to understand Princewill was struggling with the Flashlight  from a Lexus RX 350 jeep, the flash light was much and he lost the wheels and feel into a ditch. His car was damaged beyond repair and he sustained severe injuries.

He was bleeding badly and by the time we got to the hospital he was already weak and couldn't talk,

I never knew he would survive,

"Blur views resulting from flashlights at night can be dangerous. My younger brother nearly lost his life because of that. Today I am happy he is alive. 

This thing can happen to anyone driving at night.

And the best ting is to get protected from such evil occurrence. There is a very unique way to drive at night with no fears of flashlights. 

I want to share this vital information with you, by your permission.

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